Research interests

  • Comparative genomics of bacterial C1 metabolism
  • Bacterial dehalogenative metabolism
  • Analysis of microbial diversity in polluted environments
  • Bioremediation of sites contaminated by halogenated pollutants


  • 2002-present : Professor, Environmental Biology and Microbiology, Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg, since 2009 Université de Strasbourg, France
    Group leader, (currently 4 permanent academic staff, 2 technicians, 1 post-doc, 2 Ph.D. students, 1 final year undergraduate), UMR 7156 CNRS
  • 1996-2001 : Group leader (Oberassistent), Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Qualifications and training

  • 1993-1996 : Postdoctoral research associate with Prof. T. Leisinger, ETH Zurich
  • 1990-1993 : Postdoctoral fellow, MRC Unit for Protein Function and Design, and Cambridge Centre for Protein Engineering, Cambridge, England, with Prof. A. R. Fersht
  • 1986-1990 : Doctoral studies and Ph. D. Thesis (Dr. Phil. II), Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Basel (Prof. M. Mutter, supervisor), Switzerland
  • 1981-1985 : Studies in organic chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology and Degree in Natural Sciences (Dipl. Natw. ETHZ), ETH Zurich (Diploma work in bioorganic chemistry under the supervision of Dr. B. Martinoni and Prof. D. Arigoni)
  • 1981 : Baccalauréat es Sciences (Maturité fédérale type C), Neuchâtel, Switzerland


      • 1994-present : Supervisor or co-supervisor of 12 Ph.D. theses:
        Emilie Geersens (2017-), Jing Luo (2017-), Louis Hermon (2014-2017), Omniea Elsayed Azzam (2011-2015), Farhan Muhammad Ul Haque (2009-2013), Emilie Muller (2007-2011; PhD Prize "Region", Société de Biologie de Strasbourg, 2011)), Sandro Roselli (2006-2009), Christian Penny (2005-2009), Tatina Todorova (2004-2007), Edith Hourcade (2003-2007), Martin Kayser (1998-2001), Alex Studer (1997-2001), Daniel Gisi (1994-1998).
        Hosting and supervision of 3 exchange PhD students:
        Maria-Angela Dean (1998, University of Ferrara), Gareth Evans (1999, University of Aberdeen), Maria Torgonskaya (2006, Pushchino), Ehssan Torabi (2016, Iran).
      • 1998-2009 : Mentoring of 7 postdoctoral students:
        Todd Vannelli (1997-1999), Michael Messmer (1998-1999), Sudhakar Gandhi (2003), Niamh Gilmartin (2004-2006), Jeannette Achilles (2008), Charline Wiegert (2017-2018), Abhijit Manna (2019-).
      • 1993-2012 : Supervision or cosupervision of 21 final year Diploma and Master undergraduate students (6 months - 1 year each):
        Alain Tissot (1993), Karin Wüthrich (1994), Kurt Zoller, Hubert Traber (1995), Helga Sorribas (1996), Laurent Willi (1997), Michael Stumpp (1998), Sandra Oelhafen (1999), Julien Maillard (1999), Rainer Büchele (2000), Fabien Tschudy (2004), Christian Penny (2005), Sandro Roselli (2006), Olivier Schätzle (2007), David Lalouana, Déborah Schnell (2008), Muhammad Farhan Ul Haque, Adeline Dropsy (2009), Santiago Guerrero, Louise Ott, Agustina Llanos (2010), Pauline Chaignaud (2012), Farah Hajjar, Clément Descarpentries, Bruno Maucourt (2013), Emmanuel Duval, Elova Loga (2016), Marceau Levasseur (2017), Carmen Lazaro Sanchez (2018-2019).


      • 2002-present : Responsibility or co-responsibility of lectures and courses at Bachelor and Master levels in Life sciences and Environmental sciences curricula. Currently:
        • Introductory course in ecology and environmental biology (Bachelor 1st year, L1S2)
        • Microbial chemistry (Bachelor 2nd year, L2S3)
        • Introduction to practical research work in the lab (Bachelor 3rd year, L3S6)
        • Study of scientific publications (Bachelor 3rdyear, L3S6)
        • Microbial metabolic diversity (Master 1st year, M1S1)
        • Microbial ecology (Master 2nd year, M2S3)
        • Interdisciplinary Project in Environmental Sciences (Master 2nd year, M2S3)
        • Introductory Course, Biological Chemistry (Master 1st year)
      • 1997-2001 : Lectures in molecular microbiology, ETH Zurich, and University of Lausanne, Switzerland
      • 1994-2001 : Co-organization of laboratory practical courses in experimental biology and gene technology, ETH Zurich

      Current and recent research support

      • 2017-2020: DEHALOFLUIDX (ANR, coordinator)
      • 2017-2018: 2D-DCM (EC2CO CNRS, coordinator LHyGeS)
      • 2016-2018: URCforSR (Interreg, coordinator for Strasbourg)
      • 2015: HICAR (Idex interdisciplinaire, coordinator ICPEES)
      • 2014-2017: CHLOROFILTER (ANR, coordinator F. Bringel)
      • 2013-2014: TOP-DCM (EC2CO, coordinator F. Bringel)
      • 2012-2014 : BIOMASSE-OUI (Intereg Offensive Sciences)
      • 2012-2014 : ELISE (Feder, Agence de l'eau, coordinator BRGM)
      • 2010-2014 : FP7 People CSI-ENVIRONMENT (European Union): Isotope forensics meets biogeochemistry - linking sources and sinks of organic contaminants (coordinator: UFZ Leipzig)

      Current academic responsabilities and University service

      • Since 2013: Member of the Editorial Board, Applied and Environmental Microbiology
      • Since 2012: In charge for the Faculty of Life Sciences of the Master Chemistry, Biology and Drug Design of the Faculty of Chemistry of University of Strasbourg
      • Regular reviewer activity for J. Bacteriol., Microbiology, FEMS Microbiol. Lett., ISME J., Environ. Microbiol.; occasional reviews for FEMS Microbiol Ecol, Biodegradation, Bioremediation J, Environ. Sci. Technol., Environ. Sci. Poll. Rep., Arch. Microbiol., Res. Microbiol., Molec. Ecol., Nucl. Acids Res., Roy. Soc. Biol. Lett., J. Mol. Biol., Sci. Asia
      • Since 2012: In charge for the Faculty of Life Sciences of the Master “Chemistry, Biology and Drug Design”, Faculty of Chemistry, Université of Strasbourg
      • Since 2014: Member of the Board, Pôle Unique d’Ingénierie of Université de Strasbourg
      • 2004-present : Examiner and reviewer of 5 PhD theses at Université Louis Pasteur, 1 at UdS, Strasbourg and of 9 PhD theses elsewhere in France
      • 2008-2016: Member of the advisory board (comité des sages) of Région Alsace for scientific research

      Honors and Awards

      • 2016 : Chair (2014 Vice-Chair), Gordon Conference on The Molecular Basis of Microbial One Carbon Metabolism
      • 2002-2005 : CNRS ATIP career development award
      • 2002 : Received first, CNRS section 21 CR1 recruitment campaign
      • 2001 : Venia legendi (Habilitation), ETH Zurich (Privat Docent)
      • 1999 : Habilitation à diriger les recherches (équivalence), France
      • 1990-1992 : Postdoctoral fellowship, Swiss National Research Fund
      • 1986-1989 : PhD grant, Fonds der Chemischen Industrie, Basel

      Current Memberships

      • AFEM, Association Francophone d’Ecologie Microbienne (France)
      • VAAM, Verein für Allgemeine und Angewandte Mikrobiologie (Germany)
      • ASM, American Society for Microbiology (USA)

      List of publications


      Renaudie M., Dumas C., Vuilleumier S. & Ernst B. (2024). Spontaneous dark fermentation in a pre-seeded liquid-gas membrane bioreactor : Impact of wine and coffee biowaste microflora on continuous biohydrogen production. J Cleaner Prod 437, art. 140759.



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